Unexpected changing the nature of Sesame from bushes to shrubs by using 1.5 kg of Arin Fertilizer

This farmer has been used the amount of 1.5 Kg of Arin Fertilizer per hectare of his Sesame’s farming land and here you can see the effects of Arin Fertilizer on on the final yields. First of all, Arin helped to actually change the nature of Sesames from bushes to shrubs which is absolutely impossible. There are at least 15 to 16 different stems on each shrub and all stems are full of pods containing Sesame seeds.
At the end you can see another Sesame bush which the farmer has been used Urea fertilizer for growing it and comparing to the shrub in our colleague’s hand, you will understand that the size of each pods of the right hand is 2 times bigger than the size of the pods on the left hand which is so amazing and the farmer is much more satisfy than he ever was.