Remarkable affect of using only 1.5 Kg of Arin Fertilizer per hectare for growing Sesame

As you can see our colleague and farmers are standing in a Sesame farming land which they have been picked their yields recently. The farmers decided to test our fertilizer in two same size land. For the first land they have been used Arin Fertilizer which you can see the results on the RIGHT hand of our colleague, and for the other land they have been used usual Urea fertilizer which you can see the upcoming results on the LEFT hand of our colleague.
First of all you can see that we faced 800% increase in production for Sesame in the part which we used Arin Fertilizer. Secondly you need to know that, not only the plants has been growing so remarkable and unusual but also the number of the pods on the branches has been raised a lot.
Well we told the farmers to pick one pod from each branch (the one they used Arin Fertilizer and also the one they used Urea fertilizer) and take out the contents inside each pod. As you can see they are taking out the Sesame seeds out of each pod and the most amazing thing is that not only the number of the seed in each pod is different, but also you can see the different color and also different size for the seeds. Remember that the farmer used only the amount of 1.5 Kg of Arin Fertilizer per hectare and also remember that for the right hand, we used Arin Fertilizer and for the left hand, we used Urea fertilizer.
Now it’s your turn to decide which fertilizer is better, Arin or others?!