Curing cattle’s FMD in less than 6 days just by feeding fresh fettle to them

The fettle farm you see has been planted in 5 May 2013 and also fertilized by Arin Fertilizer. The 5th complete clip of the fettle was on 5 Sep 2013 . The fettle stem that you see in the farmer’s hand has been grown in 18 days and it’s for the 6th clip which the farmer will clip them all 6 days later. It means that we could save more time and money only by using Arin Fertilizer on this farm cause the time for each fettle clip has been reduced to 24 days.
The farmer also have many cows in his farm. He fed the cows of these fettle, not only they gained weight much more than usual but also unbelievably cured the cattle’s FMD in about 6 days without any other medicine, just by feeding the cows of these fettle.