Arin Mineral Fertilizer is a potent supplement which is known between the other types of the fertilizers, and this type of the fertilizer is produced inside Iran and by the domestic professionals and scientists with thanks to the abundant blessing resources in Iran.

Our 10-years researches in different climatic conditions in Iran and our operational and functional tests and experiments on other types of plants and productive and non-productive trees have led to significant and surprising results. Using from this fertilizer is possible in all four seasons.

Because no chemical hormones or chemical compounds are used in this fertilizer, so it has no risk for the health of the users and consumers. It should be mentioned that, this fertilizer can be used as a supplement along with the other fertilizers such as animal and biologic fertilizers, and it can be used according to the instructions provided in the brochures which you can download them here.

Advantages :

  • Improvement of Photosynthesis
  • Optimal production of Chlorophyll
  • Enzyme activity improvement
  • Contains the micro – nutrients required for the plants
  • Improvement the greenness , freshness and optimal growth of the plants
  • Resistance against cold weather and temperature changes and also resistance against pests
  • Improvement of the performance and production rate and consequently more saving in cost of purchasing the grains and other agricultural products
  • Decrease in the products losses and losses in clipping of the flowers and fruits
  • Longer life of the products in the fridge with preserving the quality of the products and avoidance from occurrence of the plant necrosis
  •   Improvement and protection from the soil and prevention from the polluting the surface and underground waters and complete consistency with the environment

The Arin Mineral Fertilizer can be used in the following periods in order to improve the performance of the plants qualitatively and quantitatively…

  1. At the time of the plant awakening
  2. At the time of the flowering
  3. At the time of the fruit bearing
  4. After harvesting the products and fruits (In order to preserve and improve the soil strength for the next planting season)

Dosage and Amount of Use :

Only a few amount of Arin Fertilizer is needed to be used for growing any plant or product you want to harvest , here is a short review of the dosage table…

For the productive trees which are in winter sleep period, in average 10 – 20 gr can be used for each younger than 5 – year tree and 20 – 30 gr for each 5-year and older tree and 30 – 50 gr for each of the use periods. If the productive tree is a citrus tree then it will not have the sleep period and the fertilizer can be used the whole year. Repeating the use of the fertilizer for this type of the productive trees is every 45 days which will be determined according to the quality and type of the soil and the products and after consulting with the professional, the period and dosage of the fertilizer usage can be changed.

And for farms, according to the quality of the soil and also the type of the planting land, only 5 – 10 Kg of Arin Fertilizer is needed for each hectare of the land. Simple as this…

Here is a brief of using instruction which you can download the full version of it…

A : Solution

Solve the defined and specified amount of the fertilizer in water and pour under the tree in the draft section, and after it is dried, irrigate the tree.

B : Dry

Around each of the trees, dig a hole with the depth of 5 cm in the draft section of the tress and place the fertilizer inside that and cover that with the soil.

Note : When using for the gardens with productive trees, it should be used twice, once the tree was awakened and once the fruits are growing.

The Arin Mineral Fertilizer is completely mineral and contains the required elements for the soil and has the high capacity to absorb iron. So in each of the above mentioned uses (Solution and Powder) it should be poured on the soil and avoid spraying on the leaves and stems to not block the holes of the plants.

There are three different methods for using Arin Fertilizer…

1 . Mixed with soil

2 . Soil immersion

3 . Drip irrigation

Table of the Use Dosage

1 Small trees and saplings 10 gr
2 Productive trees 20 – 50 gr per year
3 Non-productive trees 30-60 gr per year
4 Flower pots and apartment plants 2 gr per liter for each 2 month
5 Farms 2-5 Kg per hectare (10000 m2)

Ingredients (Micro and Macro)

Copper Cu Iron Fe
Phosphor P Nitrogen N
Potassium K Zinc Zn
Boron B Magnesium Mg
Manganese Mn Molybdenum Mo