About Arin

Our company profile :

“ Arman Gostar Co. “ has established at Tehran, Iran in 1998 and started the business in Agriculture since then with the main purpose of proper nutrition plants, animals and humans in a cycle free from any chemical or hormone elements.

About Arin :

Our scientists and agricultural experts worked hard for 10 years ( 2000 – 2009 ) until finally we achieved the ability to produce a brand new fertilizer which is only made by mineral elements ( non chemical and non hormonal ) and it’s completely different from all other type of fertilizers.

Without any external support our mass production started right after achieving this goal with the purpose of impact on the growth of the plants, increasing the yields and improve the quality of them and also saving the time from planting to harvesting.

Meanwhile we obtained the certification standards to ensure our customers about the quality of this fertilizer.

As said before, the main purpose of our company is to remove the chemicals and hormones in the food chain to improve the safety of the food, and right now we are proud to say that we reached this aim at the moment.